Virtual Kitchen Tour

Kepner Kitchens, LLC, releases the newest technology for kitchen design!!

We now offer our kitchen design clients the ability, not only to see their new kitchen design, but to be virtually placed in the middle of your new kitchen before our clients ever order a single item!

Our "Living Kitchen Experience" is a virtual reality experience that allows clients to see their new kitchen from right inside their new kitchen.  Clients virtually stand in the middle of their new kitchen with our "Living Kitchen Experience Lenses" and can see their designed kitchen.  Clients can turn to see cabinets behind them, turn their heads left and right to see how the kitchen will be set up and get a "true feel" for the new kitchen.

Sep up an appointment with our design team to work with you on your new kitchen and be placed in your new kitchen long before you ever order your cabinets.  Kepner Kitchens, LLC is leading the way with our kitchen design technology advancements and the first in the Capitol District to offer this virtual kitchen experience.  Contact us today to experience your virtual kitchen walkthrough and immerse yourself in your new kitchen!

Ask about your "Living Kitchen Experience" Today!!!!